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10 Dog Training Tips

1. A puppy may look like a miniature dog, but in reality a puppy is a keen dog with much to learn. Be sure to adjust your expectations according to your puppy's physical and mental capabilities. They grow up so fast!

2. Be sure to puppy-proof your home with doorway gates, a crate and a playpen. When the puppy is not being supervised, provide a safe space with safe toys to keep him or her engaged.

3. Dogs do not have a grasp of the English language. They have no idea what “NO!” means. By using prompts and cues, your puppy will catch on in no time at all.

4. Because your dog is not able to use language for communicating, we help you learn how to read your dogs wants and needs through his/her body language.

5. Train using valued treats. Your keen dog will work for premium foods far better and more productively than by way of punishment. At Keen Dog Training | KEEN K9® we do not use shock, prong or choke collars, just chicken, liver and cheese!

6. Be sure to reinforce your puppy for being good. Scolding your puppy for undesired behaviors only sets him up for failure when left home alone. Rewarding your puppy is a good way to let him know he’s doing something good.

7. Dogs do what works. When we reinforce a behavior, your puppy or dog will do it more often. For this reason, be careful what you reinforce. Leaving food within reach?

8. Be generous with treats and praise. If the treat is delivered more than a few seconds after your puppy has performed a particular exercise, you've missed an opportunity, or end up rewarding the wrong behavior.

9. Always be happy when your keen dog comes to you.

10. Have a positive outlook.

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